Online Individual and Couples Emotionally Focused Therapy

Feel safe, secure, and confident
in your relationships.

Sound familiar?

• I feel like I am drifting apart from my partner
• I don’t know what I need, or how to tell others what I need
• I feel anxious and insecure
• I have trouble feeling calm and trusting
• I am not coping well with chronic illness
• I don’t think I can get through my grief

Man with frustrations

Your relationships should
be a haven from the
storms of life.

Through Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), you can learn to understand and manage emotions in a healthy way to relieve distress and improve communication and connection with others.

You can feel safe, loved, and stable.

Don’t wait until you reach your breaking point – book a video appointment.

Take the first step to replacing conflict with connection:

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Book your online video appointment. There is no wait lists, So you can book an appointment date within the next two weeks.

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On your appointment day, get comfortable in a private location.

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Experience the benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy in only a few sessions.

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Meet Evelyn Weger, MSW RSW

Evelyn is a masters educated, registered social worker with a focus in Emotionally Focused Therapist.

You will enjoy working with Evelyn if you prefer an intentional, validating, and empathetic approach. You will feel at ease exploring your emotions within the safe and accepting environment Evelyn fosters.

She has worked with individuals, couples, and families as a registered social worker since 2003. Although she built her reputation working with adults and children living with acute and chronic conditions, her Emotionally Focused Therapy approach helps clients of all backgrounds work through grief, identity loss, and communication breakdowns in their relationships.

Is Emotionally Focused Therapy right for me?

EFT is effective with most individuals, couples and families. If you are currently going through active addiction, it is recommended to seek out a program specific to addiction before beginning EFT.

What are the fees & coverage?

Session fees will be discussed at the time of booking, a sliding scale is available if required.

Evelyn Weger MSW RSW is a registered provider with CUPE EAP. Direct billing is available to CUPE members.

Is there a wait list for appointments?

No. You can book your appointment right away.

Myself or my partner have a neurodegenerative condition – should I still book an appointment?

Absolutely. Evelyn has extensive experience working with clients with neurodegenerative conditions and the communication barriers that can arise as a result.

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